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ndk::mini_button Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 mini_button (const std::string &str, panel *parent=0, bool accept=true)
void on_click (const button_command &action, bool font=false)
void click ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void set_color (ncurses::pen &)

Private Member Functions

event::result at_keyboard (const keyboard &)
event::result at_mouse (const mouse &)

Private Attributes

click_actions act_

Detailed Description

Simple version of the pre-button without activation/deactivation feature. This button only emits 'clicked' signal this class between label and button now to prevent dublication of on_click code

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mini_button::mini_button const std::string &  str,
panel parent = 0,
bool  accept = true

Member Function Documentation

event::result mini_button::at_keyboard const keyboard  )  [private]

public, 'cause used by listbox

Reimplemented in ndk::edit, ndk::switch_button< T >, and ndk::switch_button< radio >.

event::result mini_button::at_mouse const mouse  )  [private]

Reimplemented in ndk::switch_button< T >, and ndk::switch_button< radio >.

void mini_button::click  ) 

run default action

void mini_button::on_click const button_command action,
bool  font = false

some default action on button click

void mini_button::set_color ncurses::pen &   )  [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from ndk::label.

Reimplemented in ndk::button.

Member Data Documentation

click_actions ndk::mini_button::act_ [private]

default action for the command

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