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Todo List

Class ndk::button_bar
: move to .cc

: add support for the tab switching

Class ndk::dialog_box< Main >
(??) add argument to place this widget on the screen

Class ndk::scroll::h_line
: replace h_line/v_line with single fill

Class ndk::list_box
made version with more fast drawing and correct refresh

Member ndk::lister::set_current (unsigned int num)
this is not most effective algo but it's works in general case

Class ndk::message
: fixme: copying broken in some class, lister?

Member ndk::panel::draw ()
add support for palette

Class ndk::radio_button
added correct copying

Class ndk::radio_group
: move to .cc

Class ndk::scroll_bar< DirectT >
fix code of "zero": situation, when scrollbar (height = 2) has hidden line_

I use strange code here to avoid conflicts between refreshing scheme and internal logic

Class ndk::switch_button< T >
: add constrains to T::on.length() == T::of.length()

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