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ndk::colors Namespace Reference


enum  type {
  panel, frame1, frame2, label,
  button_default, button_selected, button_focused, title,
  minibutton, scrollbar_line, edit_active, edit_inactive,
  textview_active, textview_inactive

Detailed Description

all possible colors for any NDK application you can redefine some of them in your application

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ndk::colors::type

Enumeration values:
panel  we fill panel with this color
frame1  first color we use to draw frame
frame2  second color we use to draw frame
label  label
button_default  default button view
button_selected  button when it's selected
button_focused  button,when it's focused
title  color of the title
minibutton  minimalistic buttons
scrollbar_line  line of the scrollbar
edit_active  active line edit
edit_inactive  inactive line edit
textview_active  active textview
textview_inactive  inactive textview

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